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Build Your Business Through Your Content

field_2_emmanuelgarcincmsx.jpgPresented by: Emmanuel Garcin
Date & Time: CMS Expo: Tuesday May 14, 2013 (3:30 PM)
Meeting Room: Bonbright


Problem: How to successfully transform your online content into business solutions?

Solution: The case for an Open Core Content Platform with Content Enabled Business Applications

The recent and ongoing merger of Applications servers and content stores drove a new generation of Content Platforms that allow organizations to transform their online presence into business driven applications.
Content is now business-smarter, or, conversely, applications become Content-smart.
In this session, we will discuss this new trend, and analyze how the CMS industry in general and its Open Source subset in particular, is organizing itself to deliver optimal solutions.


Key Points:

  • What Content Enabled Applications can do for your Business?
  • CMS Key Trend: Separation of Platforms and Applications/Products
  • How Open Source Content Management brings value to your Business

Audience: Publishers, Bloggers, Business, Content Pros, Integrators, Marketers

Tags: Business, Marketing, Creative, Content Marketing, Content Strategy

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