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Sales Versus Marketing: How to Stop the Battle & Start Getting More Customers

field_2_Terry_Walsh_CMSX.jpgPresented by: Terry Walsh
Date & Time: CMS Expo: Wednesday May 15, 2013 (2:00 PM)
Meeting Room: Hinman Auditorium


Problem: How to fix the inherent and escalating conflict between sales and marketing through a integrated messaging strategy

Solution: A content based Go-to-market strategy based on 99 Questions enables sales and marketing to collaborate and to be consistent both in media and sales converstions with customers

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In many organizations, the Marketing team (who runs the website and defines the firm messaging strategy) is nearly always in conflict with the Sales team. In some cases, Sales doesn’t believe Marketing provides the right content to close deals, and in the worst cases, won’t use the content Marketing produces with potential customers. In this presentation, we reveal the new realities of content production, and how content can be used to put the entire team on the same page. Sales and Marketing veteran Terry Walsh will focus on the key steps that potential customers use to buy your product / service.

Key Points:

  • How customers are attracted to your website – the new realities.
  • The “gaps” that Marketing and Sales fail to address that cause customer to go elsewhere.
  • How to create a messaging strategy that both Marketing and Sales can work with.
  • How to use the same content for both selling and marketing to attract more customers.
  • We recommend that attendees participate in the morning panel discussion on Sales vs. Marketing

Audience: Business, Content Pros, Integrators, Marketers

Tags: Business, Marketing, Content Marketing, Sales, Content Strategy

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