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The New Digital Presence Paradigm

field_2_elieauvraycmsx.jpgPresented by: Elie Auvray
Date & Time: CMS Expo: Tuesday May 14, 2013 (1:00 PM)
Meeting Room: Bonbright


The New Digital Presence Paradigm: Content and Business Application Together At Last...In Action

Problem: Endless fights between Business and IT for online projects. Endless discussions between the need for a "portal" or a web site. Fragmentation of Content management offering.

Solution: Combining business applications and content is THE new digital presence paradigm where business & IT requirements are answered simultaneously, beyond obsolete technology separation.
This session showcases an Open Content Platform with a User Experience building Studio as an answer for this new convergence of business applications and content.

The recent and ongoing coalescence of online business applications and value added content makes it even more strategic for your business and IT teams to work together. The swiftness required by ones must not be slowed down by the secured deployment processes of the others. And vice versa...

In this very practical session, we will make a demo of a new kind of tool, a user experience builder.


Key Points:

  • The advantage of a modular, standard-based and opened content platform
  • The importance of roles in the new digital presence paradigm: work the way you're supposed to, not the way technical constraints force you to. Your value in a web / mobile initiative development and management chain must not be hampered by rigid technology.
  • The need for an efficient unified interface to adress and control multiple type and source of content

Key CMSs: Jahia

Audience: All Attendees, Admins, Bloggers, Business, Content Pros, Designers, Developers, Integrators, Marketers

Tags: Business, Marketing, Development, Technical, Site Showcase, CXM, Sitebuilding, Integration, Workflow

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