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Get Responsive With Joomla! 3.0 CMS at CMS Expo

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Joomla! - Get Responsive with Joomla 3.0 at CMS Expo

CMS Expo is very pleased to welcome Joomla!® back for the 2013 CMS Expo Learning and Business Conference, May 14th through 16th. If you need responsive technology to better serve your visitors, Joomla is at the forefront, with its highly active Open Source community. And they'll be at CMS Expo, here to empower you!

We'll show off how responsive Joomla is today to the mobile, social, transportable business marketplace we live in. Come see how Joomla is being used in the "real world" by hundreds of colleges, universities and school districts, thousands of government units (from municipal to federal), and major brands like eBay, Sears, McDonald's, Worldbook, GE and more!

Come Get Into Joomla! (And Truly Beyond)

Come get real-time (and we mean real time, face-to-face) trusted information on what Joomla can do, and its plans for the near future. Then, take that extra bold step, and walk down the hall at CMS Expo, and compare the advancements of Joomla to other CMSs. Content may be king, but context is what keeps the kingdom real.

At CMS Expo, you'll discover what's coming in future Joomla versions like 3.5, 4.0 and beyond. How can you make sure YOUR ideas are heard? Well, you can't shoot and score from the spectator seats, so come to CMS Expo and get active!

CMS Expo will feature three full three days of learning sessions that are relevant to Joomla! business users, featuring many of today's most active participants in the Joomla Community:

Tech-business author and Harvard Instructor Jen Kramer will introduce you to the three forms of Reactive Technology, and explain what each does well, to help you plan and implement better CMS Sites (aka "Web Sites 3.0") for your business. And Jonathan Shroyer will help you build your own responsive Joomla template!

Open Source Matters President Paul Orwig will be an integral part of the whole conference. He'll lead a talk on the future of Joomla! This is a GREAT opportunity for you to participate, and make sure your priorities are heard!

You're in for a real treat with longtime Joomla advocate (and chief rabblerouser) Justin Kerr moderating several sessions on "Can Your CMS Do This?" and "Can Your CMS Do That?" Justin will also step you through how to build up your agency. Plus JoomlaChicago's very own Avery Cohen and Terry Walsh will be talking on SEO, Content Marketing, Killer Google Analytics, and how to best empower Sales and eCommerce with your CMS Site

Jonathan Shroyer returns with Rafael Corral on several "BadAss" tech talks on CSS using {LESS} and JavaScript Ninja techniques; Robert Jacobi and Nick Martinelli will showcase their enterprise level Joomla-powered CMS Sites in action; and there's much, much more. And if you still have questions, then don't miss Ask The Joomla Experts!

Three days never seems like enough, but it's a start! Come to CMS Expo for three days of Joomla! for business, educators, non-profits and government!


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John Coonen is founder and co-host of the CMS Expo Learning & Business Conference (est 2008). CEO of the CMS Association, and Partner at the Chicago-based campaign advisorsy & research firm, The Coffee Group, co-founder of Lakeside Legacy Arts Park in suburban Chicago (home of the historic Dole Mansion - very cool place). A graphic designer at heart (the sites and graphics on CMS Expo are mainly John's), he's an art Major from St. Olaf College, he loves bronze, printmaking and drawing (the good stuff, back when art got you dirty, and could burn a hole in your leg). You can connect with John on Twitter @JCoonen.

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