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CMS Expo Learning and Business ConferenceCMS Expo Learning & Business Conference

Dates: May 14th, 15th & 16th, 2013

Venue: Hilton Orrington Hotel

Where: Evanston, Illinois USA

Mission: "Shine the spotlight on the world's leading CMSs and the people who use them."

Host: The CMS Association, this conference is open to the general business public

Audience: Users and prospective users of CMSs: web content pros in businesses, non-profit organizations, education and government agencies

Attendees: Fast-growth web business owners & managers, marketing & technology leaders, integrators, web content creators, web developers and UX team members

Experience: This is a business conference, so advanced technical knowledge is only needed for some sessions (which are clearly noted in the session description); most sessions are geared toward moderate technical proficiency

Sponsors: Integrators, CMS Software Developers and 3rd Party Developers, Hosters, Cloud Providers

Featured CMSs: Drupal, Joomla, WordPress, OpenText, Jahia, SageFrame

Phone: 1 (888) 804-9525

Web: www.CMSExpo.net

Twitter: @CMSExpo

Price:  $799 / full registration or $299 /day pass

Discounts:  Group and Student Discounts are available by calling 1 (888) 804-9525 only

General Description:

CMS Expo offers 3+ days of learning, discovery and innovation for its participants. Hosted by the independent CMS Association since 2008, this annual conference brings together businesspeople and technicians, marketers and academics, creatives and administrators, to learn - collaboratively, like in "real life," all under one roof - what's new, relevant and actionable in the fast-changing content managment community.

Uniquely User-Driven. CMS Expo's environment is uniquely user-driven, it's a conference first, focused on discovery, learning and sharing of relevant information. CMS Expo is about solving problems and delivering the unvarnished truth about what works and what falls short when it comes to today's leading content management systems, content strategies and content marketing practices, from people who are in the trenches every day. CMS Expo is the place to meet fellow users from organizations and corporations big and small, and learn from them, and from the teams of CMS Pros helping them succeed.

The Right Tool (And The Right Strategy) For The Job. We all know there is no one perfect tool to do everything. Every situation is different, and every CMS will require customization, in order to create the ideal working environment for each particular case. CMS Expo focuses on helping attendees better understand how to strategize, customize and implement their plans, from start to finish.

Where Open Source Meets Proprietary. CMS Expo's roots grow deep in both the Open Source movement and Proprietary solutions too. CMS Expo welcomes BOTH Proprietary and Open Source (and hybrids!), to inform and empower end users to decide for themselves which solutions (or combination thereof) best fits their needs.

Enterprise Isn't All About Size. CMS Expo serves the vast "middle tier" in business, with much of the focus on Web Content Management Systems (WCMS). From the "self-serve" CMSs to ECMSs, CMS Expo has you covered.

From Beginner to Expert. With a variety of CMSs represented, plus their representative ecosystems, CMS Expo serves all levels of expertise.

A Collaborative Conference. Since day one, CMS Expo has always served the whole Content Team, with relevant programming for Admins, Businesspeople, Creatives and Developers. In the "real world," we all know there is constant cross-over and collaboration among those who touch content in the "real world," so our approach is to offer a conference where collaborative teams can learn and discover together too, for three days a year.


Business Sectors Served

CMS Expo was created for businesses, non-profits, governmental units and education, covering the following:

  • Small Businesses
  • Corporations
  • Digital Marketing Agencies
  • Web Development Firms
  • Integrators
  • Colleges & Universities
  • Public & Private Schools
  • Churches & Faith-Based Organizations
  • Municipalities & Government Units

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Get Total Access!

Full Registration and One Day Passes: Your full registration to CMS Expo grants you all-inclusive access to CMS Expo for all three days, plus single Day-Passes are available as well. Either way, you won't be left at the door. Get access to all learning sessions, shared learning panels, high-energy keynotes, business networking events, Expo booths, business networking and social events (including our welcome celebration, Meetup Monday Night!). 

Individual Day Passes also include breakfast & lunch, endless coffee & snacks, invite-only business mixers and more, including access to our Work Lounge, to help you get more done.

New for 2013: Expo Passes! Want to pop in to visit the exhibit areas only? No problem. New for 2013, you can get an Expo Pass for just $35, granting you access to exhibit booths and product demos, during the afternoons on Day two and three.

For more information, check out Pricing and Options and/or FAQs.

We're User-Driven.

CMS Expo's Learning Sessions and Panels are driven by CMS Users, so you'll get the unvarnished truth - the good, bad and the ugly - about how to use CMSs for your organization. Based on attendee feedback, CMS Expo re-engineers the schedule every year, bringing in fresh content and fresh, relevant speakers as well. Plus, with a "no re-runs" policy. You won't be hearing regurgitated vendor fluff you may have picked up at another event.

CMS Expo prides itself on bringing in actual CMS Users to deliver most of its content, straight to you. Want to get the "behind the scenes" scoop directly from the developers and vendors themselves? No problem, CMS Expo delivers! Just head on over to the Exhibition Areas or Demo Rooms to satisfy your every question.

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Jump the Tracks With Open Seating

Since CMS Expo launched in 2008, we've always made a point of keeping the event flexible for you. You won't get locked in at CMS Expo. CMS Expo has open seating!

That means, if you find yourself in a session that's not your cup of tea, you can jump tracks or learning sessions at will (as long as you're respectful of those around you). Sign up today to attend, and know you're welcome to "jump the tracks" any time at CMS Expo.

CMS Expo Is For Start-ups & Bootstrappers!

CMS Expo is for start-up businesses & bootstrappers!

CMS Expo is for bootstrappers! Successful business start-ups need extremely flexible solutions, and at CMS Expo, we take bootstrapping to an all-new high! CMS Expo is perfect for start-ups on a tight budget. Come discover the leading rapid deployment CMSs, with over 40,000 apps to get you up and running fast.

These CMSs are perfect for businesses in start-up mode! Easy installation, easy to train, plus they let you change on a dime! So if you're bootstrapping it like most businesses and non-profits out there, come SEE these "strapping" young CMSs, at your service!

  • Rapid deployment tools
  • Discover great apps & add-ons
  • Crystallize your build-out plan
  • Uncover new investors
  • Find adaptable, forgiving CMSs
  • Attract worldwide attention
  • Launch your new product!
  • Land new deals
  • Build your team!

Sessions for start-ups:


CMS Expo Is For Business

CMS Expo is for Creatives

CMS Expo For Creatives

Unlock your creative potential with new insights, learn secrets from the best in the business to keep you on your game, to connect to your audience. Meet our incredibly inspiring line-up of speakers (many creative legends!) here to inspire and energize you. 

Other Sessions for Creatives:



CMS Expo Is For Education

CMS Expo For Education

Colleges & universities, public schools and learning organizations come to CMS Expo every year to source the latest software and practices to not only manage sites and content, but Learning Management solutions, training and more.

  • LMS resources
  • Source training software
  • Gain new students
  • Webinars & training solutions
  • Certification programs
  • Access the best in LMS
  • Share success stories
  • Learn best practices

Sessions for education:


CMS Expo is For Integrators and Agencies

CMS Expo is For Developers


Be at the innovative center of where content meets technology! Stay on top of the latest tools and best practices to keep you sharp, and aware of (if not leading) coming trends. Connect to know our line-up of many of the sharpest tech minds around. 

Sessions for the Developer:


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